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Innovative LNG Business Model

An innovative LNG Logistic Solution Forwarder

LNG Vessel + Receiving Terminal + Pipe/Truck:

· Terminal: big investment, longer construction period

· Vessel/ship: higher tech., expensive, long ship-building period

· Very strict regulation for LNG vessels’ shipping

New Model: LNG ISO-Tank

· Small investment, skip ship & terminal constrains and flexible at D2D service

· Easy access & fully utilize current facilities including container vsl, terminal, and port conditions, etc.

· Match IMDG standard/requirement, significantly save logistic cost for customers through multimodal transportation

· Flexible on spot market without to sign long-term contract

· More opportunities to develop the low-value NG field projects

A technical solution for project coal-shift-to-gas

· Small site space,easily manage

· Integrated service, including design, building, operating, maintenance for complete turnkey project

· Compared to traditional project of coal-shift-to-gas, the removable tank turn over can save big investment

· Intensive sourcing under SOI combined contract to enjoy big discount from suppliers

· VMI system to ensure stable supplying

· Professional support,better safety

Target: Standard technical solution base on T75-LNG tank container and turnkey projects, provide alternative option with financial support to let small customers easily bear huge investment when coal-shift-to-gas requested by government

Peak-shaving LNG reserve warehouse

· The natural gas reserves are used to adjust the peak and meet the seasonal peak demand.

· Meet an emergency is to response to an accident that can be resolved in three or seven days

· Qualified logistic distribution center, support customers with centralized management, nearby transportation arrangement conve niently

· Multimodal,Efficiency 、Economical、Flexible

· Global network,response prompt

Target: change the traditional model with single/simple function of LNG reserve to a multi-function hub and maximize LNG value

Distributed Energy Source System(CCHP)

Higher energy utilization ratio

· > 80%save 6% - 7% electric transmission loss vs. traditional 

Better adaptation for gas & electricity fluctuation

· Different scenario: heating in Winter and cooling in Summer

Better economical performance

· Combined supply of cooling heating and power, save energy

Better environment protection

Enhance energy supplying security

Target: Focus on small projects with generating power output < 150KW, to enable rural area advanced energy supply instead of expansive state grid investment

Gas field develop with skid-mounted liquefied unit

· Small skid-mounted liquefied unit, small
investment, not big site-area, easily set-up 
or disassembly and easily move which very 
suitable to small scale gas-field development

· LNG ISO-tanks multimodal transportation, 
save big investment for NG pipeline and
re-gasification, to promote small scale gas 
field value

· Variable choice for skid-mounted liquefied
unit business cooperation, flexible from gas-field
developers, LNG clients, kinds of industrial funds, etc.

· Cover geography limitation

Target: could turn ‘waste’ into wealth, suitable to T75-LNG tank containers’ multimodal transportation from D2D, plus a new tech. of skid-mounted liquefied unit

LNG energy ship & LNG tank containers purpose ship

· Better economic and better environmental

· Strict state policy

· Develop LNG specified technology including
LNG ISO-tank purpose ship design and building

· Suitable for replacement of diesel fuel bin due 
to flexible change mode like battery module

Target: replace more ship diesel according MARPOL and T75 can be LNG fuel bunker for ship; and LNG ISO-tank purpose ship bring a revolutionary transportation vs. traditional modal with big investment

Carbon Emission Record/Link CEEEX

· Developing E-Link e-commerce platform, can 
automatically monitor LNG end-users consuming
speed and record the equivalent coal replacement,
then calculate carbon emission reduction number

· Link China Environment and Energy Exchange,
can be trading in future

· Set-up a suitable pricing mechanism to encourage
consumers to use NG more although NG cost
expensive than coal


Target: create an open, entire 3rd party position, fair e-commerce platform which can connect with kinds of state carbon emission exchange market